10 Point Safety Check

Hi-Q is renowned for its famous 10 Point Safety Check, designed to ensure that your vehicle functions at optimum safety and efficiency. Our dedicated team of professionals possess the knowledge, experience and equipment to detect and fix any problems your vehicle may present, so that it is well prepared for the road ahead.




The following things will be scrutinised:

  1. Tyre tread depth
  2. Uneven wear on tyres
  3. Exact tyre pressure
  4. Wheel alignment
  5. Wheel rotation
  6. Shock absorbers
  7. Exhaust system
  8. Brakes (Pads, discs and brake fluid)
  9. Battery health
  10. Wiper blades

If you’re a regular traveller or planning a long trip you need to be sure your vehicle is in good shape!

So get down to Hi-Q and let our experienced professionals sort it out for you.