Terms and Conditions

Cover and Benefits

  • Covers irreparable damage* to any passenger** tyre/s purchased from a Hi-Q TyreSurance Approved Dealer (regardless of brand) as a result of an unforeseen event caused by a road hazard*** within South Africa.
  • Cover period: 2 (two) years from date of purchase as reflected on the Hi-Q sales invoice.
  • Maximum claim value is limited to R6,000.00 incl. VAT per tyre.
  • A credit will be issued to contribute towards the purchase of a new passenger** tyre in accordance with the tread depth matrix.
  • Claims replacement by any Hi-Q Dealer.

What is not covered

  • Passenger** tyre’s not registered within 30 days of the date reflected on the original sales invoice.
  • Damage reported after 30 days have elapsed from the date of the incident which caused the damage.
  • Damage occurring after the expiry of a period of 24 calendar months from the date of purchase of the passenger** tyre’s.
  • Damage where a tyre fitment centre other than a Hi-Q Dealer is used to replace the passenger** tyre’s.
  • Puncture repairs (or anything deemed reparable).
  • Damage to tyres as a result of motor vehicle accident.
  • Tyres not classified as ‘Passenger**’ i.e. commercial, farming etc.
  • Consequential damage to the passenger** tyre or otherwise.
  • Damage resulting from cleaning, repair, dyeing, bleaching, alteration or restoration.
  • Manufacturer failure or inherent vice or defect etc. (i.e. anything that may be covered by the tyre manufacturer’s warranty).
  • Wear or gradual deterioration.
  • Flat spots i.e. caused by harsh breaking etc.
  • Re-treaded and any other form of tyre not sold in its original manufactured condition.
  • Tyres with a tread depth of less than 2 millimetres. Minimum tread depth differs per tyre category. (Refer to Tread Depth Matrix for detailed break-down).
  • More than one claim per passenger** tyre.
  • Damage incurred outside the Republic of South Africa.
  • Passenger** tyre/s not damaged on any public and private road within SA (incl. asphalt, gravel, sand etc.). That is, damage caused while passenger vehicles are used on any other surface e.g. 4×4 driver training, 4×4 trails, race tracks etc.
  • Damage to passenger** tyre/s whilst being used for performance shows, racing, exhibitions, 4×4 driver training, 4×4 trails, race tracks.

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* Damage to a passenger** tyre, which damage cannot be repaired e.g. side-wall cuts, tears, bubbles etc. Anything else is excluded e.g. punctures and cost to repair, normal tyre wear, flat spots as a result of harsh braking etc.
** All passenger tyres including sedans, bakkies, taxis, SUV’s, 4×4’s and LDV’s. Excludes all retread tyres, as well as tyres designed for commercial use.
*** A hazard of whatever nature on a road, including but not limited to, potholes, debris (e.g. glass, steel) etc. Damage to a tyre as a result of a car accident is excluded as this cover is provided by the comprehensive cover for cars given by insurance companies.

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